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Enabling a Truly Converged Network

Bluesocket’ s vision of Enterprise Mobility includes a resilient, integrated, and adaptive network infrastructure optimized for data, wireless, and IP Communications. This network provides a trusted and secure foundation for seamless and cost-effective connectivity between a variety of desktop and mobile devices and enterprise applications. Bluesocket’s intelligent, flexible architecture unifies the capabilities of secure wireless LAN and SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) -- maximizing the productivity benefits of the mobile enterprise.

Cisco Systems

Why Choose Cisco - The Value of a Systems Approach

A systems approach begins with a single, resilient platform such as the Cisco integrated services routers. A systems approach combines packaging with intelligent services within and between services, and weaves voice, security, routing, and application services together, so that processes become more automated and more intelligent. The results are pervasive security in the network and applications; higher QoS for data, voice, and video traffic; increased time to productivity; and better use of network resources.