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Today's schools, much like businesses around the world, depend on technology to survive. As school and district employees' careers become increasingly mobile, Email has become a quick, easy, and preferred method of communication.

But with that ease of use comes a legal responsibility to keep track of electronic communications. Federal rules that took effect in December of 2006 state that schools, along with businesses and other organizations, must keep track of Email and other digital communications produced by employees.

The ruling states that any party involved in litigation must be able to produce electronically stored information during the discovery process. This rule places the burden of carefully archiving Email on school technology departments and staff.

With the support of ArcMail Technology, we've assembled a collection of stories from the eSchool News archives, as well as some additional resources, to help you make an informed decision as you evaluate your school or district's Email archiving needs.

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The Challenge: Maximizing your business advantage

Fast, reliable access to an increasing volume of business information is essential to the competitiveness and success of your enterprise whatever its size. When you make sure that high-value data and content are available whenever and wherever they are needed, you increase productivity by enabling managers, employees, and partners to make faster decisions. You also enable better engagement with customers, clients, and prospects.