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Access Interactive Solutions enables leading consulting, technology, and software companies to engage Access Interactive and its customers with offerings that complement Access Interactive's Solutions and Services. It includes a comprehensive set of programs and services to help Access Interactive develop and promote their solutions in conjunction with Access Interactive.

The Access Interactive Solution helps you:

  • Build complementary solutions through joint design and packaging.
  • Enable the alliance through technical support, training, and consultant certification.
  • Market solutions through branding, awareness, and lead generation programs.
  • Sell solutions more effectively by providing sales tools and facilitating engagement with the Unisys sales force.

Rather than provide a one-size-fits-all model, Access Interactive offers a tiered program structure with distinct partnership categories and corresponding levels of commitment:

  • Consulting Partners are systems integrators with complementary expertise in specific solutions or industry verticals. Access Interactive Consulting Partners also provide business process redesign, training, industry solutions expertise, and management consulting services to joint customers.
  • Software and Content Partners provide joint customers with complementary, integrated software products. Access Interactive Content Partners provide data or intellectual content that customers integrate with Access Applications.
  • Technology Partners supply hardware systems, databases, operating systems, telecommunications equipment, connectivity services, and hosting services to support Access implementations.

To enable successful partnership, Access Interactive works with Partners to align them with and provide access to:

  • Access Solutions and Industry teams
  • Access Applications software and solution blueprints
  • Technical support and training

Access Interactive Partners work alongside Access Interactive to create differentiated, value-added solutions for specific markets. Access Interactive and its Partners work together to assess and develop solutions tailored for a specific market. They define specific solutions that address pressing needs within that market, and agree to a joint development, marketing, and sales engagement model.