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VMware ESX

Deploy the Most Advanced and Production-Proven Hypervisor

Virtualize even the most resource-intensive applications with the hypervisor that sets the industry standard for reliability, performance and cross-platform support.

VMware ESX is a “bare-metal” hypervisor that partitions physical servers in multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine represents a complete system, with processors, memory, networking, storage and BIOS. VMware ESX enables multiple virtual machines to:

  • Share physical resources
  • Run unmodified operating systems and applications
  • Run the most resource-intensive applications side by side on the same server

Reliably Run Multiple Operating Systems on a Single Server

Deploy mature hypervisor technology that has been proven in tens of thousands of customer environments. With VMware ESX, you can virtualize any environment, from the corporate data center to the branch office, with a compatibility list that includes more than 200 server and storage systems, and the broadest range of supported guest operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Netware, and Solaris. VMware ESX helps you to achieve data center-class high availability with shared storage, SAN transparency, built-in storage access multipathing and support for Microsoft Clustering Services. Plus, you'll enhance IT infrastructure security with LUN zoning and masking, VLAN traffic tagging and filtering, and enforcing security at the Ethernet layer.

Get Higher Consolidation Ratios for the Most Resource Intensive Applications

Run email, databases, ERP and other resource-intensive applications on VMware ESXi’s bare-metal architecture offering advanced memory management and support for scaled up physical and virtual machines. You can also run virtual machines at twice the consolidation ratio possible with other first-generation hypervisors and minimize your hardware costs. VMware ESX enablea a single virtual machine to use up to four physical processors with VMware Virtual SMP, and lets you leverage high performance shared storage for greater manageability, flexibility and availability with VMware VMFS – a high performance cluster file system optimized for virtual environments.

Build a Dynamic Virtual Infrastructure

VMware ESX and VMware ESXi form the robust foundation of the VMware Infrastructure 3 suite and are included in all VMware Infrastructure editions. VMware Infrastructure delivers improved service levels and operational efficiency by enabling centralized management, automatic load balancing, business continuity, power management and the ability to live migrate a virtual machine across physical machines to minimize service interruption.