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Secure Web SmartFilter

Protect your organization from the risks associated with employee Internet use with Secure Web SmartFilter. By controlling inappropriate Internet use with this leading filtering solution, organizations can enhance Web security, reduce legal liability, increase productivity, and preserve bandwidth for business-related activities. Secure Web SmartFilter puts you in control.

  • Protect against today’s Web 2.0 security threats. Secure Web SmartFilter delivers the best protection with the powerful combination of reputation-based filtering powered by TrustedSource and category-based filtering with our award-winning TrustedSource Web Database.
  • Enforce Internet use policies with powerful features and a user-friendly interface.
  • Understand your organization’s Internet use with Secure Web Reporter. With one easy-to-use, powerful application, you get real-time snapshots of Internet traffic, powerful off-line processing, detailed reports for regulatory compliance, and the ability to identify machines infected with Spyware.

Secure Web SmartFilter incorporates global intelligence from our industry-leading reputation system, TrustedSource. Secure Web SmartFilter now incorporates global intelligence from the company's industry-leading reputation system, TrustedSource. Like a credit agency provides credit scores to enable reliable commerce, TrustedSource provides reputation scores for URLs, domains and IPs that are based on security risk. Using this real-time scoring, Secure Web SmartFilter allows organizations to detect and prevent web security threats such as spyware, phishing or other malware.

With our Web filtering solution, you'll find:

Best Internet Database in the industry

Secure Web SmartFilter provides a proven database of over 20 million blockable Web sites in over 91 categories. Built by our team of multi-lingual Web Analysts using state-of-art technology, the coverage, quality and accuracy of Secure Web filtering is unmatched.

Flexible deployment options

With over 30 supported platforms, Secure Web filtering fits seamlessly into almost any network and work with the most popular proxy servers, caching appliances, firewalls, and security solutions.

Real value

One very competitive price covers everything including all software and upgrades, our filtering database subscription, and full access to Secure's award winning 24 x 7 support.