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Secure Mail (IronMail)

Product Overview

Secure Computing's portfolio of award-winning Secure Mail messaging products is designed to keep your company’s email systems operating cleanly and efficiently.

Secure Mail now comes with a 99% Spam Detection Accuracy Guarantee!

Secure Mail (IronMail) provides comprehensive inbound plus outbound email security. Secure Mail Edge protects from the perimeter of the network, blocking bad emails before they can enter your infrastructure. Multiple encryption options provide flexibility for any security environment.

Secure Mail delivers a centrally managed, integrated, best-of-breed messaging gateway security appliance for enterprises of all types and sizes.

Combined Security for Both Inbound and Outbound Threats

In one integrated appliance platform, Secure Mail protects enterprise email systems from inbound (spam, viruses, phishing, and hackers) and outbound threats (regulatory or corporate policy compliance violations or theft/leakage of confidential information or intellectual property). Secure Mail even protects enterprise email systems from threats that haven’t yet been identified.

The Right Solution for Every Size Company

Small-to-Medium Businesses:

The Secure Mail (IronMail) S-Class is a hardened gateway appliance designed for small- to medium-sized organizations with 25 to 1000 concurrent email users. Installation is a simple process using the S-class pre-configuration package, which automatically sets up the S-class appliance with the optimal settings for combating threats. The S-Class is a comprehensive email security solution that combines multiple best-of-breed technologies into a gateway appliance that is easy to install and manage, and provides the most accurate and effective protection available.


The Secure Mail (IronMail) E-Class is a hardened gateway appliance designed for large organizations that demand the customization required to support a global enterprise, without sacrificing performance and accuracy. Protecting the gateways of more than one-third of the Fortune 500, the Secure Mail E-class is the flagship of the Secure Mail product line.

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Features & Benefits

IronMail Features Benefits
Powered by TrustedSource Global intelligence provides an unequaled view of threats worldwide;

Provides the advantage of pro-actively identifying new threats before any other system
Protects against spam, malware, viruses, Trojans, worms, zombies, DoS attacks, directory harvests, phishing, spyware, and malicious content in one solution Reduces costs by combining email security functionality into one best-of-breed solution from one vendor
Appliance-based solution; No software to deploy and maintain Reduces data center and IT staffing by deploying a single, easy-to-use appliance
Manages all inbound and outbound messaging Virtually eliminates data losses due to malicious attacks or negligent employees

Ensures regulatory compliance for data in motion on the same integrated platform
Provides multiple encryption standards, as well as "push" and "pull" security Enforces regulatory and corporate compliance with multiple encryption options
Positioned at the corporate gateways Prevents attacks at the gateway before they reach vulnerable email servers to ensure that no attacks will infiltrate the network or users

Saves costs on hardware, bandwidth, and networking infrastructure

Eliminates the need to archive spam messages since they never reach your email servers

Proactive security with the latest technological advances Stays ahead of the latest email security threats through Secure Computing industry-leading research team

Automatic updates minimize management headaches and overhead

Industry-leading SpamProfiler, OutbreakDefender and Connection Control combine together to provide the best security possible

S-Class and E-Class models available Maximizes ROI with the best message-handling performance of any email security solution available for any size of organization