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NetApp Storage Systems

The Challenge: Maximizing your business advantage

Fast, reliable access to an increasing volume of business information is essential to the competitiveness and success of your enterprise whatever its size. When you make sure that high-value data and content are available whenever and wherever they are needed, you increase productivity by enabling managers, employees, and partners to make faster decisions. You also enable better engagement with customers, clients, and prospects.

To provide around the-clock and around-the-world information availability, you need efficient and effective data management. Key data management challenges include: How do you consolidate data demanded by many users and multiple applications on a variety of network storage systems? How can you manage data stored throughout your organization, whether in data centers or at remote locations? How can you be sure that your data is available in the event of a hardware problem, human error, or disaster? How can you protect and secure your data against loss, unauthorized access, or non-compliant changes?

The Solution: NetApp’s family of fabric-attached storage

You can reduce costs and complexity, minimize risks, and control change by simplifying data management with NetApp® Fabric-attached storage (FAS) systems. Our FAS product line provides storage solutions for a broad range of needs, from your remote office applications to your largest enterprise applications.

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, we have a storage solution that will fit your needs. For your large-scale data consolidations and high-performance applications, we offer the high-end FAS6000 series. For exceptional price-performance value, we offer the midrange FAS3100 series. And for your remote offices, we offer the FAS2000 series, which you can also use as primary storage in midsize enterprises.