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Enabling a Truly Converged Network

Bluesocket’ s vision of Enterprise Mobility includes a resilient, integrated, and adaptive network infrastructure optimized for data, wireless, and IP Communications. This network provides a trusted and secure foundation for seamless and cost-effective connectivity between a variety of desktop and mobile devices and enterprise applications. Bluesocket’s intelligent, flexible architecture unifies the capabilities of secure wireless LAN and SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) -- maximizing the productivity benefits of the mobile enterprise.

Edge-to-Edge Architecture

With an increasing need for more control and manageability directly at the edge, customers require a proven, flexible network architecture.

Only Bluesocket’s E2E architecture provides the performance and scalability options needed by enterprises customers today while protecting their investment as new productivity enhancing mobility applications emerge.

Secure Mobility®

Bluesocket’s patent-pending Secure Mobility is the standard for supporting mobile users – giving them the freedom to work where they choose, roaming seamlessly across networks in a secure manner.

Secure Mobility technology is compatible with, and enhances current WLAN security standards such as 802.1x, WPA and 802.11i without requiring additional or proprietary client software.

Next-Generation Wi-Fi Technologies: Paving the Way for 802.11n Adoption

The evolutionary growth of 802.11n is not only logical; it will ultimately be the primary WLAN infrastructure standard as enterprises migrate toward converged high-speed wireless networks.

Bluesocket’s current and evolving technologies are paving the way for 802.11n adoption.

Open Source SIP-based IP Communications

In a small or medium-sized business the cost of telephone equipment, phone lines, and calls can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Businesses looking for ways to lower costs find that there is little choice when searching for alternatives. Equipment prices and ongoing fees for proprietary software lock businesses into a particular vendor's solution. Open source VoIP solutions meet these challenges providing several advantages including lower up-front and ongoing costs, vendor choice, rapid functional development, and much more.

Wireless LAN Solutions

Seamless Enterprise Mobility

Increasing worker mobility and the growing demand for integrated mobile communication tools are requiring businesses to leverage their network infrastructure to deliver unified communications solutions.

Bluesocket’s complete wireless network and voice solution portfolio brings trust and simplicity to increasingly complex enterprise networks - meeting the mobility needs of your business today. And, with Bluesocket's 802.11n-ready architecture, customers can take advantage of the inherent speed and performance benefits of 802.11n Draft 2.0 and MIMO technologies today, while ensuring their networks will be compatible with future 802.11n equipment.

WLAN Controllers - Utilizing Bluesocket’s Secure Mobility® technology for wireless data and voice applications, BlueSecure™ Controllers provide high-performance, reliable, policy-based WLAN security and management solutions that have been deployed by hundreds of large institutions, enterprises, and public access providers.

Access Points - BlueSecure indoor and outdoor Access Points work in conjunction with and extend the industry-leading, enterprise-class WLAN security and management capabilities provided by BlueSecure Controllers.

BlueView Management System - Bluesocket’s BlueView™ Management System simplifies WLAN management by providing true centralized configuration and maintenance, policy-management, and monitoring capabilities for the BlueSecure™ Controllers and Access Points securing your WLANs.

Guest Access Services - Bluesocket’s Guest Access Services allow IT managers to provide easy to use, controlled, secure and traceable internet access for both wired and wireless guests. Our Guest Access Services integrate with leading credit card payment and hotspot roaming/billing solutions to provide customized enterprise hotspot services.

SIPxchange Enterprise Communications Server - SIPxchange ECS is an enterprise-grade, full featured IP PBX (and more) with integrated voice mail, ACD, multiple auto attendents, and web-based system configuration and management tool that can support 5 to 50,000 users.

Turnkey SIPxchange Solutions: 100% Certified - Looking for pre-packaged SIPxchange solutions? Just pick your package, pick your phone, pick your support plan, and go! It's as simple as one, two, three.